Our Studio

At Pinnacle Performing Arts, we are more than just a dance studio – we’re a passionate community committed to helping students develop their passion for the performing arts. 

Our classes cater to all ages, including preschooler’s and adults across a diverse range of disciplines including dance, aerial, theatre, and acrobatics.

Our dance and aerial classes are held weekly in Toowoomba, Clifton, and Highfields, making accessing a class easier.


At Pinnacle Performing Arts, we offer flexible pathways for all students. Whether you prefer recreational classes without the pressure of exams or competitions, or aspire to join our competitive teams and perform regularly, we have options for you. Additionally, students seeking to further their training can choose to sit dance exams, providing a structured path for growth and achievement. 


Our Approach

At Pinnacle Performing Arts, our classes prioritize fun, fitness, friendships, and safe dance technique. We take pride in fostering confidence in every student, both on and off the stage, and believe that EVERY child deserves recognition for their achievements. 

Our Values


Our values include Community, Connections, and Respect, and we are dedicated to providing a family-focused, friendly environment where dancers can learn and grow as young people and performers.


Experienced senior dancer in purple sequin dance costume gracefully posing with hands near ears, radiating joy and confidence during dance class.
A photo of a happy student from our preschool dance classes catching a orange balloon on stage.
A photo of 7 senior dance students holding medals and winner banners

Our Team

The staff at Pinnacle Performing Arts comprises highly qualified and experienced teachers dedicated to inspiring and encouraging students with kindness and compassion. We prioritize nurturing talent and fostering growth in every student, ensuring they receive the highest quality instruction in a supportive environment. 


Brittany Ryan

Studio Owner/Director


Joseph Bailey

Studio Owner

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Want to see if we are the right fit? 

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