Our Dance Classes In Toowoomba

Preschool Dance Toowoomba, Highfields & Clifton

Petite Performers, our premier preschool dance program in Toowoomba, Clifton, and Highfields, caters exclusively to dancers aged 18 months to six years old. Our preschool dance classes are designed to be fun, energetic, and social, incorporating award-winning programs to nurture confident young performers. Our goal is to instill a love for dance in our littlest dancers through exciting and imaginative play-based classes. Watch your child blossom in our preschool dance classes in Toowoomba, Clifton or Highfields!

Aerial Classes

Join the circus excitement at Pinnacle Performing Arts! Our circus program, is perfect for ages 3 to adults of all abilities. Featuring apparatus like silks, lyra, and trapeze, as well as ground acts like juggling and hula hooping, it’s a fantastic way to enhance cognitive development, strength, flexibility, and confidence. Our aerial classes for kids are held in Toowoomba, Highfields and Clifton. Adults aerial classes are offered in Toowoomba only. 

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Acro Classes

Pinnacle Performing Arts is a certified Acrobatic Arts studio. Our Acro Dance program provides dancers with the opportunity to participate in examinations as well as performances and competitions. Acro Dance combines classical techniques with acrobatic elements. This class will develop your child’s confidence and coordination as well as strength and flexibility. Our kids acro classes are offered in Toowoomba

Cheerleading and Tumble Classes

Allstar cheerleading is the best of all worlds! It includes dance, gymnastics, acrobatics and cheerleading skills in ONE class! This class has classes for ages 3 and up! With multiple program options available for all levels and abilities. Allstar competition cheer teams are available. Students in these classes will attend a cheerleading class and tumbling class. Our Cheerleading classes are held in Toowoomba weekly and new students are most welcome to trial at any time throughout the year. No experience is required to attend a cheerleading class.

Hip Hop Classes

Pinnacle Performing Arts is proud to provide one of the best Hip hop programs in Toowoomba. This is a style that anyone can learn, no prior training necessary. If  you/your child loves to dance this is the style for you. We incorporate many styles of street dance into our classes including  grooves, old school and new styles of hip hop as well as forms of  breakdancing, tutting and waving. We would love to invite you for a free trial of our kids hip hop classes in Toowoomba, Clifton or Highfields.

Jazz Classes

Our Jazz syllabus is used to provide dancers with a thorough all round jazz education. Included in this class is a thorough warm up which develops dancers fitness, flexibility, strength and technique. Jazz dance is characterised by pirouettes, jumps and leaps and dance routines to upbeat songs. Dancers are invited to participate in examinations and to perform at our dance showcase and end of year concert. We use the ATOD syllabus in our Jazz Classes. Our Jazz classes are held in Toowoomba, Clifton and Highfields each week and are a great kids dance class.

Lyrical / Contemporary Classes

Dancers in these classes will learn dance movements and routines in both the styles of Contemporary and Lyrical dance. A contemporary or lyrical routine uses organic, expressive and traditional ballet movements and it
complements the lyric and rhythmic value of the music.
Emphasis is placed on control, sustained, expressive
movement, dynamics, alignment, body placement,
contraction and release, use of breath, uniformity, communication and may incorporate purposeful elements and technical skills. Our Toowoomba and Clifton studios offer lyrical and contemporary classes each week.

Ballet Classes

Students taking Ballet class will learn exam work as part of every class however exams are non-compulsory.  Students in our ballet classes will learn correct technique and terminology as well as develop agility, flexibility, coordination, grace and strength. Ballet also promotes good posture and body awareness.  We use the ATOD Syllabus in our ballet classes. Our ballet classes are held in Toowoomba and Clifton weekly.

Disability Dance Classes

The program was created for beginners who are dancing for the first time or those wanting an easier paced class. Our goal is to help ignite a passion for dance and give young people the opportunity to express themselves and feel welcome in a fun class environment. This is a 45 minute class that teaches Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop styles of movement and choreography. Our Disability dance classes are held in Toowoomba each week and are a great place to start.

Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theatre and Drama classes teach your dancer a combination of dance, singing and acting. This is a fun class which assists dancers to become all round performers. Classes start for ages 6 and up. Our musical theatre and drama classes are held in Toowoomba and are perfect singing, acting and drama classes for beginner students.

Adults Dance Classes

Our adults dance and aerial classes are perfect for those over 18 who are wanting to return to performing arts or start for the first time! 

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