Acrobatic Arts is a unique blend of dancing and gymnastic disciplines!

About Acrodance Classes

Pinnacle Dance Academy has gone through an extensive certification program to provide a new and exciting Acro Dance program to our studio. This program offers dancers safe progressive acrobatic and dance education. Join us for Acro Dance (Ages 6 and up) or Acro Dance Preschool (Ages 3-5). 

Acrobatic Arts gives students the skills and knowledge to safely perform acrobatic tricks with a real understanding of how their body works, instilling in students the confidence to perform without fear. As a studio, we are proud to offer such a highly-regarded syllabus, ensuring our students not only have a positive experience in acro class, but that they learn technique that gives them longevity to continue performing for many years!

Find out more about our Preschool Acro Classes – HERE!

What is Acrodance?

According to Acrobatic Arts, “AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of traditional dance and acrobatic movement. While performing, dancers should maintain an emotional connection to the movement, music and audience. Acro is not just a bunch of tricks…dancers who study AcroDance have improved balance, flexibility, stability and control. This piece choreographed and performed by Derek Piquette is an excellent example of Acro Dance!”


For all circus and acrobatics classes, students must wear a studio leotard and tights or a studio unitard in this class.

 Hair must be in a bun or plait for medium to long hair and ponytail or bun for short hair. These requests are for safety purposes as loose clothing or hair may get caught in the apparatus and tear. No rings, bracelets or necklaces please