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READY SET BALLET is a 30-minute magical preschool dance class for 2-5-year-olds where preschool aged children get to learn the fundamentals of classical ballet in a FUN way!

MUSIC – Engage in specifically designed music that captures the beauty of classical ballet.

CURRICULUM – Develop coordination, body awareness, strength, and flexibility.

MIME – Explore creativity and gain confidence  with FREEZE and TWIRL.

PROPS – Twirl with rainbow ribbons, sway with feathers, and pop bubbles.

READY SET BALLET is offered for preschool aged children in Highfields. Join us for engaging, fun preschool dance classes that nurture creativity, confidence, and a love for ballet. 

READY SET DANCE is a 45-minute preschool dance class that includes JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP, SINGING, and MUSIC, and a whole lot of fun! Suitable for preschoolers from 2 years of age.

JAZZ – Develop muscle strength, control, and balance, and achieve coordination milestones like skipping before going to school.

HIP HOP – Bust out some ice-cold moves just like Freeze to our original hip hop tracks.

MUSIC – Develop the musical ear, dynamics, and tempo while having fun with instruments and the parachute.

SINGING – Sing like Twirl and build confidence singing on the microphone.

TAP – Learn the fundamentals of tap in a playful and creative way, splashing in puddles and shuffling like a penguin.

All these elements together create a super 45 minutes of preschool dance fun! This preschool dance class is held in Highfields at multiple times throughout the week.

Ready Set Acro at our very loved preschool acro classes, developed in collaboration with Industry Leader Acrobatic Arts. This program focuses on safe and effective progressions that nurture both physical and social skills, vital for healthy early childhood development. With a unique emphasis on Stretch, Strength, and Skills, our classes are filled with fun and excitement for your little ones.

Stretch – Led by our lovable character, FLEXY the Giraffe, we incorporates age-appropriate exercises to enhance flexibility and mobility, including movements like splits and backbends.

Strength – Guided by BRIDGIE the Elephant, this part of the program builds physical strength and control through fun and safe exercises, helping our young dancers perform their moves with confidence and power.

Skills – FLIPPY the Penguin, helps develop a range of acrobatic movements all the way up to handstands and cartwheels. We always ensure activities are appropriate for each child’s skill level and experience.

READY SET MOVE at Pinnacle Performing Arts is a delightful creative movement and music class designed for toddlers from walking to 3 years old, along with their grown-ups. This engaging program is divided into three exciting sections: ENGAGE, EXPLORE, and EXPRESS.

In the ENGAGE section, your little one will enjoy a playful exploration of music, nursery rhymes, lap play, and parachute fun. It’s all about bonding and having a blast together!

The EXPLORE section transforms the room into a circuit of obstacles like stepping stones, tunnels, and sensory activities. These are thoughtfully designed to encourage investigation and build coordination skills in a fun and safe environment.

During the EXPRESS section, your child can freely move and dance, fostering creativity with instruments, feathers, and bubbles. This part of the class is all about letting imaginations run wild and celebrating joyful movement.

Join us at Pinnacle Performing Arts, where we make bouncing like a bunny, moving slow like a sloth, and creating cherished memories with your little one an everyday adventure! Our toddlers dance classes in Highfields is designed to nurture your child’s love for dance and movement from an early age.