Dance Student Teacher Education

At Pinnacle Dance Academy we are very proud to be a registered affiliate studio and member of the DanceStep program. Offered in partnership with studio teachers, DanceStep empowers students to take care of others and guides them to be leaders and role models.

The program covers assistant teaching skills such as behaviour management, different learning needs and styles, Safe Dance Principles and Anatomy to name just a few. These concepts are broken down to be taught in a sequential and age appropriate way. Whether students are considering a career in dance teaching or otherwise, the DanceStep program is a great preparation for many aspects of life.

With the inclusion of DanceStep at Pinnacle Dance Academy, our young dancers have a framework where they can contribute to the community in a positive way. Past students of the DanceStep program have experienced increased levels of confidence and have learnt patience, empathy, communication skills and how to take initiative in different situations.

As affiliate members of the DanceStep program, it is wonderful for us to be able to provide this opportunity for our dancers to flourish not only as young people, but to also watch them grow into competent and confident assistant teachers and student leaders.

Student Teachers will be required:

  • to be turning 12

  • to assist in at least one dance class per week (20hrs required to progress to the next level)

  • to work through the components in the workbook

  • to attend training sessions held approx 2-4 times/term for approx 1hr.

  • to uphold the values of the Pinnacle Dance Academy and positively promote themselves and the studio at all times

  • to attend and assist their class backstage during performances. Student teachers may or may not be asked to perform onstage with their class, pending whether the teacher deems it necessary

  • to arrive to your scheduled class/es approx 15 minutes before commencement, in uniform & prepared with your workbook + anything else that may be needed depending on what stage of the program you are up to.

  • to wear DanceStep/Pinnacle Dance Academy uniform when assisting and present yourself professionally as you are now a role model to each class that you student teach in. This means correct uniform and footwear. When attending your regular classes you must remove your DanceStep uniform & badge.

Student teachers will be asked to do a range of activities depending on the level they are up to. This could be helping comfort or settle students, getting drink bottles, toilet runs, taking attendance, recording moments for social media, all the way to assisting with warm ups, small routines and explaining steps to allow students to gain knowledge in explaining how the body work.  Students teachers will report to their supervisor teacher and Miss Britt if there is something they are concerned about, uncomfortable doing or need further explanation. 

~All Student Teachers must start at Level One – older students are likely to progress quicker through the material. We do not guarantee paid dance teaching work at the completion of this program.

~All student teachers must be enrolled members of Pinnacle Dance Academy attending classes usually in the style they assist.

All potential assistant teachers are required to apply for a position in the program. Please complete the form below to receive an application form:

Student Teachers will learn:

  • Behaviour management skills

  • How to break down exercises for teaching

  • The importance of warm up and cool down

  • Anatomy

  • Body language

  • Managing class time

  • Dance Safety, and much more.

Student Teachers will receive:

  • A DanceStep online platform for each level.

  • Training sessions with qualified teachers

  • Certificate on completion of each level

Limited Spaces Available! 

*There is a fee for participation. More information will be provided on application.

This fee covers all materials provided above plus all teacher mentoring and training sessions. Fee added to student accounts upon application approval.