Solo and Duos

Pinnacle Dance Academy offers private tuition for students who wish to participate in external competitions as a soloist or in a duo with another student.

Styles available for Solo/Duo Choreography are: 

Hip Hop




Students wishing to learn a particular style of solo or duo must be taking the relevant weekly class to do so.

Example: if your dancer wishes to learn a Lyrical solo, they must already be taking the Lyrical class for their age group. Two students wishing to do a Lyrical Duo must both be taking Lyrical together.


Parents with students wishing to learn a solo for competitions should contact  Pinnacle Dance Academy to discuss whether their child is ready for competitions.


It is a pre-requisite for all students wishing to do a solo or duo, that they must take a weekly ballet class to ensure technique is at an appropriate level for Dance Competitions. (Excluding Hip Hop, Acro & Tap Soloists/Duos)

Private Lessons

Regular and casual private lessons are an option for all Pinnacle Dance Academy students depending on the availability of studio space and teaching staff. Regular lessons are booked for an entire term or year. Casual private lessons are booked on a week to week basis. The focus of private lessons is on quality of performance and continuous improvement based on the needs and goals of the individual and their specific needs.

The purpose of private lessons is to variously:

  • prepare students for solo performances to build confidence, give performance experience and challenge and extend the individual

  • polish students exam work prior to exams

  • give students the benefits of one to one coaching to improve their technical and performancestandards

  • build stamina, strength, fitness, memory and storytelling skills

  • provide a program specifically designed for the individual

  • expose students to different teachers to ensure experience with different choreographic styles.

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